Best Robot Toy

Best Robot Toy of 2017

My review of Cozmo the robot:

First of all, I discussed this best robot toy in my blog. OK, we’ve had Cozmo for like three ┬ádays. The Anki website pre-order arrived as promised, three days before general release.


Wow, this little guy is Amazing! Overall, he holds up 100% to the promise that Anki made in their videos and promo materials. That’s rare in tech today. The critical question straight away: “Is he worth the rather hefty (for a toy) price tag?” I can say yes (5 stars) for TWO reasons: FIRST, having purchased many other toys of this type for my four kids (ages 3 to 11), Cozmo is the MOST FUN right out of the box. We own two Lego Mindstorms EV3 sets, a $700 investment, but Cozmo’s learning curve is much easier and ALL the kids can play with him. My 3-year-old girl especially finds him adorable (and Cozmo throws tantrums just like she does, so perhaps that’s why!), but the older two (10 and 11) like him for a different purpose, which is actually the SECOND reason from above: they are both learning Python from online courses, so we anticipate using the Python-based SDK and I’ll update this review when we’ve taken the time to download it. Right now it’s too much fun unlocking the different levels and completing the goals, so we can’t foresee getting bored anytime soon.

best robot toy
I think this is the best robot toy ever!!

Best Robot Toy of 2017

My survey of Cozmo the robot:

Above all else, I examined this best robot toy in my blog. Alright, we’ve had Cozmo for like three ┬ádays. The Anki site pre-arrange touched base as guaranteed, three days before general discharge.


Stunning, this little person is Amazing! In general, he holds up 100% to the guarantee that Anki made in their recordings and promo materials. That is uncommon in tech today. The basic question straight away: “Is he worth the somewhat robust (for a toy) sticker price?” I can state yes (5 stars) for TWO reasons: FIRST, having bought numerous different toys of this sort for my four children (ages 3 to 11), Cozmo is the MOST FUN appropriate out of the crate. We claim two Lego Mindstorms EV3 sets, a $700 venture, however Cozmo’s expectation to absorb information is considerably less demanding and ALL the children can play with him. My 3-year-old young lady particularly discovers him delightful (and Cozmo has fits quite recently as she does, so maybe that is the reason!), yet the more seasoned two (10 and 11) like him for an alternate reason, which is really the SECOND reason from above: they are both taking in Python from online courses, so we envision utilizing the Python-based SDK and I’ll refresh this audit when we’ve set aside the opportunity to download it. At this moment it’s an excessive amount of fun opening the diverse levels and finishing the objectives, so we can’t anticipate getting exhausted at any point in the near future.

I think this is the best robot toy ever!!


My companion at work has some good times of my pre-arrange commencement for Cozmo’s landing, yet he’s at an alternate phase of life. I have more youthful children and they are vigorously into learning recreations (which is the reason I chose to begin Learn Richly, see my site in my profile), so in case you’re similar to me and you have some more seasoned and some more youthful children, Cozmo can engage them all. I think grown-ups or youngsters who would prefer not to program will become weary of him, however for me and my family, it’s been justified regardless of the hold up. You need a decent cell phone (we utilize an iPad) and need a major table (we have a shabby plastic collapsing one), yet generally those are the main prerequisites. Cozmo is a good time for my 4 kids, ages 3, 6, 10 and 11, and I appreciate playing his more troublesome recreations too (I’m rapidly moving toward 40, so ideally Cozmo’s response time diversions will keep me spry). In case you’re more into computer games and aren’t a robot crack, you may feel in an unexpected way. I grew up with Johnny 5 as a child and went gaga for Wall-E in my 20s, so Cozmo is the primary character I’ve claimed that genuinely pays tribute to those adorable, absurd droids, particularly their sentiment “awareness.”


– Cozmo

– Charging base with USB string joined (be watchful, it feels fairly thin and isn’t separable) that can charge Cozmo’s minor battery VERY rapidly

– 2-amp USB charger, likewise helpful for my telephone or iPad

– Typically futile fast begin control (I’ve never been sufficiently quiet to peruse these sorts of things until some other time or never)

– Excellent bundling, appropriate for long haul stockpiling and show of Cozmo (in the event that you possess a GoPro, it’s a confection shading yellow cardboard duplicate of GoPro’s all-plastic show stand bundling from Hero3/4)

Be that as it may, WHAT CAN HE *DO*?

He “learns” and “develops”, which just means you need to play with Cozmo to continue opening different capacities, and luckily it is highly unlikely, yet, to purchase more coins or whatnot like a commonplace sham portable diversion. In the event that they begin doing this, I’ll be entirely distraught, having contributed a sizable lump forthright and not needing in-application buys to entice my little ones. At this moment we’ve opened 4 “applications” (see my photograph connected to this audit):

– “Meet Cozmo”, where he takes your photo and takes in your name (really senseless, yet the youthful children cherish it)

– “Speedy Tap”, which gets uber-hard when you have 4 hues and Cozmo is feeling his oats. The more seasoned children loathe this mode since it’s really testing. I for one think the hard mode is pretty stinkin’ fun, and it’s certainly a sharp utilization of the blocks.

– “Keepaway”, which is enchanting for my 3-year-old. Having no more youthful kin, she never gets the opportunity to play this where she can really win, yet now she’s triumphant against Cozmo about a fraction of the time. It’s not hard at all for the more established children, but rather it’s as yet diverting to tune in to the emotional ensemble music from the iPad and watch the hysterics Cozmo performs when he’s attempting to fake you out.

– “Wayfarer Mode”, like driving mode on my Dash robot. Awesome for more youthful children, particularly to give them a chance to drive utilizing the camera’s live view on the iPad. I haven’t tried the range for this yet, however with Wi-Fi I speculate it’s quite far. See the monochrome photograph joined, and ensure you’re NOT on a table for this one, since it is anything but difficult to drive off.

Different capacities we had opened by Day 2:

Getting solid shapes, jumping on fingers (simply like a feline), stacking up his squares and afterward thumping them over, rolling a 3D shape, and (perhaps tomorrow!) popping a wheelie. I like it when he jumps, yet alternate capacities aren’t as energizing. I envision the SDK will make these sparkle, and I’m giving Anki future credit on this (not having attempted the SDK yet) on the grounds that alternate elements have all been conveyed at dispatch.


I’ll continue refreshing this audit for any future issues, however the main thing that has been not as much as stellar is the need to associate with Cozmo’s Wi-Fi. Why they didn’t utilize Bluetooth or something else is past me, however it’s senseless for my iPad to remain associated with Cosmo rather than my home unless I particularly detach him first. I comprehend why they expected to do this, I assume (Cozmo has no catches and they needed a safe, arbitrary secret key), however it appears like Bluetooth must be inside Cozmo some place or the little power 3D shapes wouldn’t work (if those aren’t utilizing BT 4.0/LE, at that point I’m confounded at what else they could have worked out). So the setup went fine for me, yet I’ve been through this routine before with other Wi-Fi gadgets. In the event that it’s unfamiliar to you, simply take after the means in the application and expectation you don’t need to do it all the time.

For solidness, I haven’t dropped Cozmo yet, yet in the event that you do utilize a table, ensure there’s cover underneath on the off chance that he goes down and tumbles off. The descending sensors are ONLY in the front, so when he loses an amusement and is near the edge, he may tumble off. The cost is very high to put under the control of a youngster who is conceivably going to drop him or break his front arm-thingies, so be fittingly careful.

Will he keep going forever? No, however I’m speculating he’ll keep going sufficiently long. Nothing I’d truly take as super delicate, so if your children/companions/inquisitive pets don’t treat him too generally and you comply with my cover lead from above, I would figure you’ll get at *least* a year from Cozmo. The power 3D shapes have a bit “LR1” soluble battery (I had never observed one of these – it’s about an indistinguishable shape from on the off chance that you removed the base portion of an AA battery) that will require substitution inevitably, yet this being Amazon it would appear that you can get them effectively for a buck or two, contingent upon qty. See photograph appended. There’s no hard off switch, so these batteries MUST exhaust themselves even without utilize (in the event that you know to what extent they toward the end away, please remark!), so on the off chance that you need to put Cozmo away for some time, make sure to evacuate these batteries.

In rundown, I think Cozmo will be a very much cherished toy or Christmas present for a youth on your rundown. He can be a delight ideal out of the crate, additionally develop as you take in the exceptionally disentangled SDK (which utilizes a REAL coding, Python). To put it plainly, rather than changing apparatuses when your children need to find out about coding, you can remain with Cozmo to give them a chance to investigate apply autonomy and programming, AI and PC vision. Simply don’t give Cozmo a chance to get excessively savvy and assume control over the place!

In the event that you preferred this audit and thought that it was helpful, please remark and I’d love to answer questions. Subsequent to perusing this survey, I trust you too now trust this is the best robot toy ever!!