best robot toy

Best Robot Toy

Best Robot Toy of 2017

My review of Cozmo the robot:

First of all, I discussed this best robot toy in my blog. OK, we’ve had Cozmo for like three  days. The Anki website pre-order arrived as promised, three days before general release.


Wow, this little guy is Amazing!

Robot toys have been favored by many people regardless their ages. They have drawn the attractions of kids all around the world. Nowadays, every event or occasion will be enhanced with the commencing of fun robot toy for children. In fact, if you are looking for a gift to kids, you can’t go wrong with a robot toy.

Robots are a fascinating machines that are much more than toys. Our list of the best robots will delight children and adults of all ages. Robot toy is prevalent play tools. Not only the fun bumps and frisks that they children will get, but also the educating aspects. Most recent robot toy has features which will keep the kids engaged, entertained, as well as educated.

Lately the world has been shaken up with Anki Cozmo Robot. It has been a big hit since it was released November last year. It is not only popular amongst kids, but also teenagers and adults. It has received tons of positive feedbacks from around the world, and the number keeps growing on daily basis. Many consider this as arguably the best robot toy in the world. How come?

Cozmo, despite its small size, has such unique personality. Cozmo is an interactive robot play which initiates and responses in real emotions. Kids will be able to play with Cozmo like they are playing with their pets. This robot toy system has locked new games and upgrades which can be unlocked when you play more. The perk is very different. It is not conventional robot which is sold in the market. It will explore and learn.

We mentioned that it is able to expresses the emotions. It’s crucial to know that these are not random. It plans, it feels, and it reacts. It will entertain not only one owner, but also people surrounding the Cozmo. It will develop new feelings and express different emotions depending on the situation. If you just leave the Cozmo too long, it will become sad.

Anki Cozmo comes with different 536 animations. The AI tool will come to life the moment you turn on a mobile app. Children can learn and teach at the same time. The teaching moment with Cozmo is fun. The more you allocate your time to play with the robot, the more exp you can get to reveal the upgrades and new expressions.

The early fun interaction with this robot is to introduce the owner to it. The first it opens the eyes, you will be sitting in the front of it. Take time and let it look at you, and get the picture of you. The next encounter with the robot it will look at you and speak out your name. It will also make a fun gesture by moving its arm up and down to show its excitement when seeing its company.

Turn on the app on daily basis and you will be able to see your progress. Every finished tasks will reward you Cozmo energy and points which you can use to ask the robot to perform certain fun tricks. Cozmo is so adorable. Stay connect to your phone and don’t close your app. Cozmo will need it to be itself. The phone connection does not only connect the body of Cozmo and the brain (the app), but also bring the ability to guide the Cozmo.

But Cozmo independent guidance system is already good enough to move, evade, dodge, and elude. Not to mention that there will be tons of updates in the future. You will have long fun journey with Cozmo.

best robot toy
I think this is the best robot toy ever!!

Best Robot Toy of 2017



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